CCA Carnival 2014 – Volunteer Recruitment

To all dearest SP Red Cross members!!!

CCA Carnival is round the corner, and we need YOUR HELP to promote our CCA to the new freshies of 2014!!! :D
Also! Time tables are finally out! As always, the first few weeks of school are not always hectic… So why not take this opportunity to GET CCA POINTS and Volunteer to help out SPRCY for the CCA Carnival?? This is also a great time to get rid of post holiday blues!!  Don’t worry about lessons! LOAs ARE PROVIDED!
Details of CCA Carnival 2014
Date: 28th, 29th and 30th April 2014 (Monday to Wednesday)
Venue: T11 Square 
Attire: SP Red Cross Youth Chapter Tee/ Red Cross HQ Tee (Target Board Shirt)/ SP White T-shirt and long pants/Bermudas
Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm (Carnival starts at 11am)
*Recruitment is based on shift time*
Shift A: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Shift B: 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Shift C: 2.00pm – 5.00pm 
*Volunteers are to report 15 minutes before shift time in proper attire*
Note:You can choose more than one shift per day and for more than 1 day
Volunteers will help in:
1. Registration of new members
2. Sell Items at booth 
3. Publicizing (e.g. giving out flyers, put on mascot *Yes! We request a mascot as well!*)  
4. Moving/setting up of logistics and booth (For shift A and C only)
Register through this link to volunteer for the CCA Carnival!: 
Please note that registration ends at 21st April 2014, 23:59. Register FAST! Don’t miss your chance to volunteer!
We hope to see you soon when school reopens! Enjoy the last week of holiday!


Upcoming First Aid Events

Hi everyone!

The vacation is here again with a healthy dose of first aid practice! There are two first aid events coming up, read on to find out more!

SP First Aid Awareness Workshop                                                                                  

Always wanted to learn first aid from a different perspective? Be a role player in an emergency scenario for the SP First Aid Awareness Workshop! The workshop is catered for a group of Go Serve (Overseas CIP) students who will be leaving for overseas projects to teach in the classrooms. Learn how you can administer better first aid treatment and more effective emergency management!

Date: 12 March 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic 
*You will be provided with more details upon signing up
CCA points will be awarded! Please register HERE by 10 March 2014 (Monday)
First Aid Coverage – SP Freshman Orientation Programme AY 2014/15           

Kickstart your new acad year with bubbling, dynamic energy from our fresh-faced freshies! We’re sure the smiles and enthusiasm from them will be infectious! Let’s welcome our freshies with some Tender Loving First Aid Care (#TLFAC)

Here are the details:  

Date: 14 to 17 April 2014

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: The Plaza

*LOA will be given upon request

Two first aiders are needed each day, but we encourage you to volunteer for as many slots as you like! CCA points will also be awarded! Sign up right HERE by 12 March 2014 (wed)! 



Community Service Trip to Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre (8 Apr. ’14)

Hello Everyone,

Hope that all of you have been having a good rest after the recent stressful round of exams! In this last semester break of AY 2013/14, we are rounding up our eventful year with a community service trip to Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre.

We are welcoming 12 volunteers to join us in engaging the clients with a series of exciting activities. What do you say of ending your academic year with an act of compassion?

Details of this  trip are as follows:

Venue: Block 107 Commonwealth Crescent #01-230 

Date: 8 April 2014

Time: 2PM to 4PM

Task: To engage the clients in Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre by playing games and singing of songs

CCA points will be awarded and wide warm smiles be GUARANTEED!

Sign up HERE right away! Hope to see you there!

Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless,

but because they are priceless.

-Mahatma Gandhi



Singapore Polytechnic – Blood Donation Drive 2014


Give Blood, Save Lives!                                                                                       

Singapore Polytechnic Red Cross Youth (SPRCY) is once again organising a Blood Donation Drive which will be held in February 2014. With the support from Singapore Red Cross Society, SPRCY has been organising blood donation drives for over a decade.

This year, not only are the students and staff from SP encouraged to be blood donors, SP opens its doors for the first time to welcome the public as blood donors. What is more, SPRCY has collaborated with several other CCAs in SP to put up showcases of their wonderful talents. These showcases are not to be missed! The participating CCAs include: SP Vocal Talents, SP Sign Language, SP Guitarist, SP Magicians, SP Dikir Barat, SP Malay Dance, SP Student Union, as well as SP Comperes. The showcase will be held for the first 2 days of the blood donation week.

Important Details                                                                                                

Date: 11th – 14th February 2014 (Tuesday to Friday)

Time: 11am – 5pm (Last registration ends at 5pm)

Location: Singapore Polytechnic; The Hall at Staff Centre, Level 2

Items required:

  • Admission card (For SP Students)
  • NRIC
  • Parental Consent Form (Required for donors between the age of 16 to 18)

*Consent forms will also be available during the blood donation drive.

The Blood Donation drive Showcase event will be held between 11th and 12th February from 11am to 5pm. Location for the showcase event is at food court 5. (The Food court across the Blood donation drive event)

Location towards the Blood Donation Drive event: 

By Walking,enter Singapore Polytechnic from the entrance towards MRT, and walk towards FC 5 (Food Court 5)


By Car, enter by gate 3


For more details on getting to SP by car, click here

Short Term Parking Applicable to public, visitors and students $0.016 per minute upon exit or about $1 per hour
Operating hours
  • 24 hours
  • Free on Sundays & Public Holidays from 7am to 10pm
Grace Period
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes for taxis and goods vehicles

(Abstracted from SP Website – Campus Map)

For more details on the campus map, click here

Volunteer Recruitment                                                                                      

To all Singapore Polytechnic students, we are currently recruiting volunteers to help out in the Blood donation drive event! Service points will be awarded for helping in the event. For more details and registrations, please click here!

Come join us in this special event and be a blood donor! We hope that you will support us in this Blood Donation Drive Event! We look forward to seeing you!

For any further enquires on the SP Blood donation drive 2014, please email us at

BACK - School Flyer BDD (For Email)

Volunteer Recruitment for SP Blood Donation Drive 2014

Hello all Singapore Polytechnic Students and SP Red Cross members!!!

SP Red cross youth is excited to welcome you to volunteer for SP’s first BLOOD DONATION DRIVE of the year, which will be held in February 2014.

The blood donation drive (BDD) has always been a highlight event for SP Red Cross Youth Chapter for the past several years. We have been organizing BDD for at least twice a year! For this upcoming 2014 BDD event, we will be publicizing not only to SP students and staff, but also to the public! In addition, SPRCY will be collaborating with other SP clubs to put up an exciting showcase to promote the BDD and also to liven up the atmosphere and make the event a more stirring one!

However, all this will not be possible without your support! Hence, WE NEED YOUR HELP in publicizing and execution to make it a successful event!

Not only do we allow SP Red Cross members to help in this Big Event, Students of SP can also join in to help out too!

Publicity for Blood Donation Drive

There will be 2 types of publicity – In the public (Near SP), as well as in SP

Weekend Door-to-door Publicity


18th25th January 2014 (Sat.)

1st February 2014 (Sat.)

Time: 9am – 1pm

The aim for this publicity in public is to raise awareness of BDD to help the sick. In addition, we can also encourage and help potential donors to overcome their fears in donating blood and also look out for 1st time potential donors for the event. 

 To sign up for Door-to-door publicity, please click HERE (deadline 2 days before chosen date)

Awareness week @ SP

Date: 3rd to 7th February 2014 (Mon – Fri)

 Shifts A: 11am – 1pm

Shift B: 3pm – 6pm

Apart from encourage and helping potential donors to overcome their fears in donating blood, we can also look out for students and staff who are keen in donating their blood and also seek for 1st time potential donors in SP. Do encourage your friends to donate their blood too!

To sign up for Awareness Week @ SP, click HERE (deadline by 2 February 2014, Sunday)

Here is a sneak peek at the flyer for the publicity in SP

school flyer BDD

BACK - School Flyer BDD (For Email) 

Blood donation drive in SP (Execution)

For the actual day of the BDD Event, volunteers are required to attend a briefing before the start of the event. The briefing will prepare them for the assigned duties on the day itself, and also to address any queries.

 Blood Donation Drive (Execution day)

Help to assist potential donors in registration and facilitate crowd movement during the process.

Date: From 11th to 14th February 2014 (Tues – Fri)

 Shift A: 10.15am – 12.00pm

Shift B: 11.30am – 3pm

Shift C: 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Volunteer Briefing

Date: 5th February 2014 (Wed)

Venue: LT 17B (Near Koufu)

Time: 3.30pm

Do note that there is no minimum slot that you would have to volunteer for. However, should you choose to do so, it would be very much appreciated!

Registration for BLOOD DONATION DRIVE, sign up HERE(deadline by 2 February 2014, Sunday).

*Kindly state your attendance for the briefing in the registration form

Should you be keen and available to help out for > 1 section, please sign up accordingly from the links given in this post!

Attendance will be taken, CCA Service Points will be awarded and LOA is granted upon request! Do remember to fill in the indemnity HERE and hand it in to us on the day of the activity.

If you have any queries, do email us at

With your help and utmost support, this event will definitely be a success! We look forward to see you for this upcoming Blood Donation Drive 2014!  :D We wish you all the Best for 2014!