SP Red Cross Blood Donation Drive

Dear SP staff and students,

 SP Red Cross Youth Chapter (SPRCY) will be organising a BLOOD DONATION DRIVE on 12 to 14 August 2014. It will be held at The Hall @ Staff Centre from 11am – 5pm

SP Blood Donation Drive is a collaboration with Health Science Authority (HSA) to increase the yearly total number of donors to above 2% of Singapore’s residential population. This ensures that we have an adequate safe supply of blood for patients who need blood transfusion. The Blood Donation Drive is also open to the public, so bring your friends and family members! 
SP student blood donors will be awarded 2 community service pointsSP student helpers will be awarded 2 service points
Please note that donors who are 16 – 17 years old will need parental consent through the attached form.


If you have any queries, do email us at spredcross@cca.sg.
To find out more on HSA Travel Deferral Criteria for Blood Donation, please refer to https://spredcross.cca.sg
We looking forward to see YOU for this upcoming Blood Donation Drive!
With Best Wishes, 
SP Red Cross Youth

Chapters Camp from 7th – 9th June at NUS

Singapore Red Cross Chapter have organised a inter-tertiary camp titled:Project Humanite. This camp seeks to raise awareness among youths about urban poverty and what we can do about it.First day of the camp was really fun,as we had ice breaking sessions to get to know each other better, before heading off for water games. The games are both interesting and interactive,as we need to think of strategies to throw the water bomb across the net with plastic bag. We can’t use our hands to throw the water bomb directly, but can only use the bag to try to flick it over and hit the floor before the opposite team catches it. After that games, we proceeded to have our lunch as NUS foodcourt before preparing ourselves to go to sentosa for another round of fun!

We played amazing race when we were there, a clue of a location would be given to us and we need to solve it to reach the place and to do the required activity before we were given another clue to our next location. However, when we were there, it began to rain pretty heavily.Thus, we sat down to rest awhile first before playing some indoor games among the campers. After the clouds cleared, we began to dash to those locations that we were supposed to be at and clear all the activities. After a day of fun at sentosa, we had our dinner at Harbourfront before heading back to NUS for our debrief for the next day.

We did feeding program on the second day of the camp. My group went to Toa Payoh Icare to deliver lunch for people living in whampoa, Boon keng and areas around there. It was really mind opening for us to know that there are people who are living in poverty even in Singapore, one of the richest nation in Asia. After delivering food for the old folks, we went to Marina Barrage to fly kites which signifies the taking off of our dreams that we have. Dreams that we’ll wanna accomplish for old folks living in difficulties.After a hot afternoon spent at Marina barrage, we made our way back to NUS for a scenario game. The game was quite fun and it allowed us to learn how to do first aid when we don’t have our conventional first aid items (E.g triangular bandage, roller bandage).

To conclude, it was really awesome to go for this camp as it allow me to have so much fun,meeting with other friends I have in other chapters, to meet new friends as well.Hope to see more people going for camps like this in the future!

Us heading towards Sentosa.
One of the activity we gotta do before we can head out to Sentosa
Ice breaking session to know each other better!
My group heading out in Sentosa
A photo to remember the fun we had in this camp!
A group cheer before water game!
Beautiful rainbow spotted while we were at Marina Barrage
Having fun with water games!
Discussing about the things that we have to do in Sentosa before heading out!


Publicity/Bonding/Welfare Officer

Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Red Cross Chapter

Tay Wei Fan

Standard First Aid Camp 3th-4th May 2014!

First Aid training session was conducted at Red Cross Youth Training camp,Bedok for this year. It starts from 9am – 3.30pm for First Aid training and 4.30pm to 7.00pm for Introduction to Red Cross Chapters on 3th of May. It was really fun to see new Chapter members learning new knowledge about Red Cross and First Aid skills that are important during events (E.g Marathon,Zombie Run,Electric Run) and at home.

It was a bit boring at the beginning of the First Aid course(On the First Day) due to the dry nature of the modules (E.g Learning about the different treatments for different cuts,wounds or burns) and how to treat each individual injuries of the casualty. However,the importance of having these knowledge is essential in my point of view because these are real scenarios that could happen to any one of us.So I tried my best to absorb what the instructor was teaching while at the same time trying my best not to fall asleep on a hot Saturday!

On the second day(Which is the last day of the SFA course), all of the participants reached on time before 9.10am!All of us were seated in a U shaped formation around the classroom due to unknown reasons,and I begin to chit chat with other Red Cross members from SP. Before you know it, the instructor came in and announced that we’ll be taking our Theory Test! I was truly surprised as I thought the test would be at 4.30pm later that day instead of early in the morning! So,all the participants and I did the theory paper and we all managed to passed the theory paper before we could take the Practical test(If you fail the theory paper twice, you’ll be sent home and you gotta retake the entire course!)

After the paper, we had short breaks before going for lunch at a nearby coffee shop. We met up with various Chapter members from other schools such as ITE,NYJC and RJC.It was really interactive to know of different activities other schools do in their Chapter! When we came back,the instructor taught all of us different bandaging for different wounds and fractures. We’ve also learned CPR and what are the things not to do when faced with such a situation. At the end of the day,all of us managed to pass the Practical exam,and thus completing the entire course! Really glad that all of the Chapter members are able to take out their time to attend this First Aid course,to learn a useful skill and to make this camp such an enjoyable one!

Looking forward to more activities ahead this year in SP RCY Chapters!

Below are photos that are taken during the First Aid Camp! Do enjoy! (:

Folding of broad bandages for immobilization.
Practical session time!
Cheerful casualty,serious first aider.
Other members from different chapters!
Members of SP Red Cross chapter! (:
First time seeing such a happy head bandaged casualty!
Well, don’t expect a smiley face from a casualty!
Casualty requires a helping shoulder after eye bandage!
Eye bandage that’s done on Kelvin!

Publicity/Bonding Officer

Singapore Polytechnic Red Cross Youth Chapter

Tay Wei Fan

CCA Carnival 2014 – Volunteer Recruitment

To all dearest SP Red Cross members!!!

CCA Carnival is round the corner, and we need YOUR HELP to promote our CCA to the new freshies of 2014!!! 😀
Also! Time tables are finally out! As always, the first few weeks of school are not always hectic… So why not take this opportunity to GET CCA POINTS and Volunteer to help out SPRCY for the CCA Carnival?? This is also a great time to get rid of post holiday blues!!  Don’t worry about lessons! LOAs ARE PROVIDED!
Details of CCA Carnival 2014
Date: 28th, 29th and 30th April 2014 (Monday to Wednesday)
Venue: T11 Square 
Attire: SP Red Cross Youth Chapter Tee/ Red Cross HQ Tee (Target Board Shirt)/ SP White T-shirt and long pants/Bermudas
Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm (Carnival starts at 11am)
*Recruitment is based on shift time*
Shift A: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Shift B: 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Shift C: 2.00pm – 5.00pm 
*Volunteers are to report 15 minutes before shift time in proper attire*
Note:You can choose more than one shift per day and for more than 1 day
Volunteers will help in:
1. Registration of new members
2. Sell Items at booth 
3. Publicizing (e.g. giving out flyers, put on mascot *Yes! We request a mascot as well!*)  
4. Moving/setting up of logistics and booth (For shift A and C only)
Register through this link to volunteer for the CCA Carnival!: 
Please note that registration ends at 21st April 2014, 23:59. Register FAST! Don’t miss your chance to volunteer!
We hope to see you soon when school reopens! Enjoy the last week of holiday!


Upcoming First Aid Events

Hi everyone!

The vacation is here again with a healthy dose of first aid practice! There are two first aid events coming up, read on to find out more!

SP First Aid Awareness Workshop                                                                                  

Always wanted to learn first aid from a different perspective? Be a role player in an emergency scenario for the SP First Aid Awareness Workshop! The workshop is catered for a group of Go Serve (Overseas CIP) students who will be leaving for overseas projects to teach in the classrooms. Learn how you can administer better first aid treatment and more effective emergency management!

Date: 12 March 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic 
*You will be provided with more details upon signing up
CCA points will be awarded! Please register HERE by 10 March 2014 (Monday)
First Aid Coverage – SP Freshman Orientation Programme AY 2014/15           

Kickstart your new acad year with bubbling, dynamic energy from our fresh-faced freshies! We’re sure the smiles and enthusiasm from them will be infectious! Let’s welcome our freshies with some Tender Loving First Aid Care (#TLFAC)

Here are the details:  

Date: 14 to 17 April 2014

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: The Plaza

*LOA will be given upon request

Two first aiders are needed each day, but we encourage you to volunteer for as many slots as you like! CCA points will also be awarded! Sign up right HERE by 12 March 2014 (wed)!